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New Footage from the feature film " The Last Act" shot with Hollywood DOF Adapter and HVX - 200.

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The Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapter is hand made by a fellow film maker. Many hours of research  has gone into the creation of this DOF adapter. Our  35mm DOF Adapters have a superior picture quality in comparison to the other DOF Adapters in our price range. Our Hollywood 35mm DOF adapters have had side by side comparisons to the following adapters and have equaled or exceeded their performance. Below is a list of side by side comparisons and the results.

Side By Side Comparisons

Jag 35- Our  Hollywood 35mm DOF adapter performed better in all areas.

Red Rock Micro- The Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapter had better picture quality,  and much less cumbersome for ease of use.

EnCinema 35mm DOF- The Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapter had better picture quality and Adapter construction

Letus Extreme- The Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapter was as good or better in all areas.  Our customers regularly compare us  to this adapter. Our adapter does not flip the image upright, but we have less light loss and are much lighter in weight.


  The key features of the Hollywood 35mm DOF Adapters:

- All-in-one style 35mm DOF adapter.
- Self contained battery compartment with no external wires.
- Good edge-to-edge sharpness.
- Over-sized imaging screen so entire 35mm plane can be used.
- Professionally milled casing and anodizing for a professional look.
- Easy collimation to achieve correct back focus.
- Nice bokeh reproduction.
- Quiet vibrating motor.
- Great competitive price geared to both professionals, Indies, and student film makers.

* Some Cameras May need an extra Spacer ring.

The spacer ring can be used to space our 72mm achromat approx 22mm back from the 35mm dof adapter. This provides extra zoom in room for cameras like the FX1 and ZR1. It can also be used to provide extra zoom in room when smaller format (35mm cinema), or slow 35mm lenses are used. The following cameras may require the use of the spacer ring placed between the achromat and Hollywood DOF unit: Sony FX1, Sony Z1U, Canon XH-A1, Canon XL2, JVC HD100, HD200.

Spacer Ring can be purchased here:

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